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About A.S.K.


My name is Annette Suranyi. I am a Canadian potter.


I make wheel thrown and hand built pieces, inspired by functional objects. I am concerned of functionality, all my pots are intended for everyday use. My chosen material is white  stoneware. I decorate heavily my pots' surface, using the technique of stamping, carving and slip trailing. My inspiration is nature (leaves, flowers, shells, rocks and color combinations) and folk art.


Through the years I have developed a range of glazes, mostly shiny or semi opaque, focusing on their durability, density, strength. I fire my works in oxidizing atmosphere in an electric kiln, over 1222 C (2232 F) degrees.


All my pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind, they have a life of their own.


My studio is a recently renovated barn, where I work for different exhibitions.




You can find and buy my pottery at

You can see more pictures about my work and everyday life at

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